Remit2India ranked world’s No. 1 online money transfer portal for NRIs

Remit2India ranked world’s No. 1 online money transfer portal for NRIs

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Jun 10,2006 7:28 AM

Remit2India ranked world’s No. 1 online money transfer portal for NRIs

ACNielsen ORG-Marg has adjudged Remit2India as ‘world’s No. 1 online money transfer portal for NRIs’. Six websites, including Western Union, Pay Pal and Xoom, were the other contenders in this study. With a market of $23 billion annually and a growing Indian diaspora of over 20 million across the globe, Remit2India has emerged the clear leader in this segment.

“Remit2India has entrenched itself deeply in the NRI community and offers the best exchange rates and the lowest fee. In a price-sensitive industry, customers can save up to $30 vis-à-vis the competition,” the company said in a statement. It added that the portal had scored over its competitors across parameters, including geographical coverage, pricing, payment and delivery options and product innovations.

Suresh Rangarajan, Chief Operating Officer, Remit2India said, “I am immensely proud that Remit2India has in such a short span achieved what we envisioned at its inception. It has emerged as the undisputed leader and the preferred choice of thousands of NRIs. NRIs are not guided just by ‘ethnic affiliation’ and ‘patriotism’, but expect return on investment. Our expertise is to provide a unique web-enabled service to assist the NRI in his wealth creation, thereby creating value for the industry and the economy.”

Remit2India provides an entire gamut of investment opportunities to the NRI and couples it with the convenience of providing a seamless and paperless web-enabled platform.

Remit2India NRI Services is the global online financial service provider of TimesofMoney, a Times Internet Ltd company. The online venture has operations across 31 countries, including the US, Europe, Canada and Australia. It has the distinction of having the widest delivery network in India. It enables direct credits into beneficiary’s account across 6,000 towns and enables ATM withdrawals across 15,000 Visa ATMs with the remittance card facility. Its remittance solution for the Indian diaspora provides for an extensive global coverage, aggregates diverse payments and delivery modes.

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