Reliance aggressively promotes prepaid card

Reliance aggressively promotes prepaid card

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Feb 20,2004 7:10 AM

Reliance aggressively promotes prepaid card

Reliance India Mobile has indulged in a lot of fanfare for the launch of its prepaid card. The brand has gone all out to ensure maximum awareness about its entry in the prepaid category. As per Kaushik Roy, Head, Marketing, Reliance India Mobile, this is the prime objective of the aggressive campaign.

With prominent hoardings and banners, full-page ads, TVCs and on-ground events – the campaign is given 360-degree treatment. It is perhaps one of the most visible campaigns in recent times. Speaking more about this aggressive approach, Roy expresses, “Apart from maximum awareness, the idea is to make it distinctive in its presentation so that people do not see it as just another campaign of Reliance India Mobile but associate it essentially with the Reliance prepaid card.”

Though the colour scheme looks rather subdued at the first glance, Roy explains that there is a reason behind it. “We deliberately chose these colours and tried to give the communication a patented look. The objective is to associate it with the Reliance prepaid card whenever one sees the creative with this look and effect. It has been given a young look,” he states.

The tagline ‘Mujh Mein Hai Woh Baat’ following the teaser campaign of ‘Kya aap ke prepaid mein hai woh baat’ too is executed with the same rationale. As per Roy, the tagline aims to communicate to a confident audience.

Isn’t the connect between the creative and the product a little indirect in the TVC? “The creative builds more on emotional confidence. It is about benefits of self-expression, advanced technology and value proposition. The creative aims at showing a sentiment of ‘I feel more confident with this product’ or ‘I should be able to achieve a lot more’. It has a strong young, aspirational feel to it,” elucidates Roy.

The youth is the campaign’s prime target audience. Even the location of the hoardings and substantial activities revolve around college campuses. “Prepaid, as a category in cellular service, is for younger people but not necessarily students. It is for the young at heart, who have a certain attitude that is different from older people. But this is for the advertising communication part of it. The card of course is a utility anyone can avail of,” states Roy.

Reliance India Mobile has indulged in various on-ground activities. Adds Roy, “There are various promotional activities in different cities. The local circle heads, depending on what they deem fit for the respective areas, take most of these decisions. In some places there are motor activities, in others we have put kiosks at malls and other happening joints. There is a lot happening on the grounds already and these activities will continue for a while.

“There are more ground level activities lined up and we have a few things planned in collaborations with TV channels.” The magnitude of the campaign makes one wonder about the spend. Roy replies, “A campaign is a result of part planning and part negotiation. Many times you spend so little and yet we see so much. To answer your question, we don’t talk about figures.”

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