RecordTV launches Blaze, an AI-based conversational bot in India

RecordTV launches Blaze, an AI-based conversational bot in India

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, May 17,2017 6:36 PM

RecordTV launches Blaze, an AI-based conversational bot in India

RecordTV has recently launched Blaze, an AI-based conversational bot that searches the web for news, videos, tweets and delivers stories directly to one’s Facebook messenger, in India. The bot acts as a personal news buddy that provides latest trends in the country, be it Top Stories, Cricket, Bollywood or International News to consumers without taking up any additional space in a smartphone.

With its unique ‘Create a Blaze’ feature, Blaze is democratizing satire in a way that has never been done before. Imagine a world where you don’t read the news, but you read an authentic, yet comedic take on the news from your favorite creators, a bit like you having your own, personal equivalent of Jon Stewart. As such, one can create a visual commentary, whether editing the news image, uploading an image or doing a video that attaches to the story that you can then share. Blaze integrates news and entertainment—two traditionally distinct categories in a way that has never been done before on a technology platform.

The bot also helps stomp out fake news from the real ones as it is a human-enhanced AI. Blaze manually goes through thousands of news and whitelisted sources, filtering the reliable ones using this technology.

On introducing Blaze to India, Carlos Fernandes, CEO, Blaze said, “Most people use up to 85% most of their time on barely three apps, and one of those apps is messaging. We deliver the convenience of the most trending information delivered to in your Facebook Messenger. That combined with the democratization of satire through our “Create a Blaze” feature, gives you unprecedented authenticity combined with the pure, unadulterated news and trending information.”

According to research by Pew, most millennials get their news from satirical and comedic sources. What’s noteworthy is that it is not their trusted source of comedy, but their trusted source of news. The truth about comedy is that there is an authenticity to it that people crave. People are fatigued by fake news. The role All India Bakchod played on the issue of Net Neutrality is one example of how comedy can be weaved into issues that people care about deeply. That’s what Blaze attempts to do.

The bot can be added to the Facebook messenger from

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