Rajnikanth and Chuck Norris fight it out in Expedia video

Rajnikanth and Chuck Norris fight it out in Expedia video

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, May 16,2012 9:02 PM

Rajnikanth and Chuck Norris fight it out in Expedia video

Expedia recently launched its 360-degree brand campaign – ‘Across the world, there’s one word for travel: Expedia’. To take this campaign online, Expedia India took a different approach by creating an animated video ‘Chuckk de Rajnee’, featuring caricatures of Rajnikanth and Chuck Norris. The video brings these two larger-than-life but much-loved characters together in a fictitious story and shows them finding something in common – Expedia.

The video has been conceptualised by Lowe Lintas, and the detailed scripting, art and animation has been done by Digivaasi, a Delhi-based digital agency.

Mohit Arora, Unit Creative Director, Lowe Lintas sees it as a great beginning. He said, “To experience Expedia one needs to come online and through this viral we intended to make this interaction entertaining. This is our initial effort and with the learning we’ve acquired, the future attempts will only get better. Expect the best deals and more rib-tickling advertising from the world’s largest online travel company”.

Prabhat Bhatnagar, Chief Creative Officer at Digivaasi, believes it is a simple idea with an irresistible hook. “The whole idea of Chuck fighting Rajnikanth was something that excited us from the start. We were confident that it would catch attention. But the expectations with such an idea go very high as well, so we had to ensure it looked fresh and delivered Expedia’s message in an entertaining way.”

This videol is in line with the newly launched 360-degree brand campaign that works around ‘Expedia’ being synonymous with travel and a name that works as a binding factor for travellers globally.

“The basic theme of the campaign revolves around the unplanned aggregation of travellers from diverse background with the word ‘Expedia’ being the connecting factor across all,” said Manmeet Ahluwalia, Marketing Head, Expedia India.

Rajnikanth and Chuck Norris are characters that people across social classes and age groups not only love but also connect with. “The idea here was to portray the two at loggerheads and then show the situation diffusing when they realise they actually have something in common,” said Ahluwalia.

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