Rahul Yadav's U-turn adds more drama to Housing controversy

Rahul Yadav's U-turn adds more drama to Housing controversy

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, May 06,2015 8:25 AM

Rahul Yadav's U-turn adds more drama to Housing controversy's drama doesn't seem to be ending as it now seems firebrand CEO Rahul Yadav has taken back or has been asked to take back his resignation, which created a flutter yesterday.

Just 24 hours after first submitting a typically brash resignation letter to the board, news has now come in that Yadav has withdrawn his resignation and even apologized to the board for his comments in the letter, in which he said they were "intellectually incapable" of carrying out a "sensible discussion".

Yadav's letter created a furor on social media and he was the talk of the town for most of the day. Yadav's U-turn caused, if nothing else, even more of an uproar.

An official statement by the company reads, “Today the Housing board met and has been reconstituted to include all main shareholder representatives. After some good conversations the board has reaffirmed its faith in Rahul Yadav's vision at Housing."

Meanwhile, another quote attributed to Yadav says, "After some frank and healthy discussions with the board, I have agreed to withdraw my resignation and I apologise for my unacceptable comments about the board members. I look forward to staying on at Housing as CEO and building an even greater company, while working in full harmony with the board."

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