PK thrives on social media amidst controversies

PK thrives on social media amidst controversies

Author | Abhinn Shreshtha | Tuesday, Jan 06,2015 8:43 AM

PK thrives on social media amidst controversies

Aamir Khan's latest blockbuster PK might have broken box office collection records but it did generate its share of controversies with some right-wing Hindu outfits demanding a ban on the film. Aamir is of course no stranger to these controversies and rather seems to thrive on them and this time too PK has found support from social media denizens tired of being repeatedly told what they can or cannot watch.

According to Simplify360, PK became the first Bollywood film to cross 1 million mentions on Twitter. In the past 30 days, the movie has achieved close to 1.1 million mentions on the social media platform with about 88,000 mentions for Aamir Khan. On Facebook, the official film page currently has in excess of 785,000 likes. Hashtags like #PKdebate and #wesupportPK have seen extensive use with the former clocking some 41,000 mentions and the latter 43,000.

This is not the first time that the social web has come out in support of a beleaguered Indian film. Kamal Hasan's 2013 starrer Vishwaroopam also found itself in the middle of controversy and got support from people on social media who took to social platforms to express their solidarity. Of course, this was not of the same extent that has been seen in the case of PK; star attraction and hype have to be the reasons.

A sentiment analysis of the posts and mentions shows that an overwhelming 55 per cent were supportive of the film, with a majority of the posts coming from Twitter (64 per cent) followed by Facebook (21 per cent), etc. Support also rained in from countries like Canada, Australia, the US and Nepal.

"The controversy around PK has helped movie remain active on social media. Normally the social activity dies in a week of movie release. There are some movies which remain active for several weeks, among them “Pyar Ka Panchnama” and “Zindagi Na milegi Dubara” are two such examples. PK has sustained conversations for over 2 weeks. The credit goes to the controversy," said Bhupendra Kanal, Founder and CEO of Simplify360.

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