PixelKraft launches first ever video directory for brands

PixelKraft launches first ever video directory for brands

Author | exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Monday, Oct 08,2007 8:17 AM

PixelKraft launches first ever video directory for brands

Chennai-based PixelKraft Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd recently launched the first ever online video directory www.indibiz.tv for brands. Targetted primarily at tech-savvy Indians, both home and abroad, the website is designed to meet three objectives of brand recall, comparison and response.

As a complement to television advertising, www.indibiz.tv allows the viewer to view commercials of a number of brands for a particular product or service. If an advertiser has opted for a response feature, the viewer may choose to visit the brand’s website or interact with the advertiser through email, chat or phone.

According to an official communiqué, response to brand communication is instantaneous, and conversion to business is very high, because the viewer has actually opted to visit indibiz.tv and see the commercial. With the product and service categories that make easy accessibility and a simple-to-use interface, the website will appeal to practically everyone.

The website www.indibiz.tv is being powered by PixelKraft, a four-year-old media solutions company that offers content creation, online distribution, online exhibition, advertising, brand development and marketing communication solutions. PixelKraft’s integrated approach to media and communication spans conventional and emerging media technologies, and is supported by meticulous research, in-depth analyses, strong strategies and clutter-cutting design.

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