PeerMe Inc gives voice to Internet communications

PeerMe Inc gives voice to Internet communications

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Saturday, Sep 17,2005 8:11 AM

PeerMe Inc gives voice to Internet communications

PeerMe Inc, a peer-to-peer voice communication technology, has announced the launch of its first beta product that provides free, unlimited voice communications over the Internet in India.

PeerMe will soon launch a series of new offerings designed to support its goal of providing voice-enabled portals and applications on the Internet.

Announcing the launch in India, Shailendra Kumar, Director, PeerMe said, “With India’s rapidly growing Internet population, currently more than 25 million users, and the fifth largest world-wide, our vision is to bring a human connection to the Internet through voice-enabling it. Using industry standard protocols, PeerMe’s peer-to-peer voice system provides sound quality almost equal to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), free and unlimited to any Internet-connected PC user worldwide.”

“Similar to the impact of mobile telephones, PeerMe allows computer users to communicate with their network of friends, family and colleagues anywhere, anytime,” said Tom Lasater, founder and CEO of PeerMe.

“PeerMe is committed to enabling online communities and helping to bring people around the world together through the use of our easy-to-use technology. What sets PeerMe apart is our technology, which is aimed at voice enabling the Internet. In addition to our first product, which provides free communication over the Web in the form of superior quality voice or instant messaging, our technology is designed for integration into websites and portals, enabling direct communication between online users.”

PeerMe has developed a messaging environment supporting PC-to-PC and PC-to-handheld voice communications and instant messaging over public Internet connections. PeerMe’s technology can be used independently by connecting on a peer-to-peer basis or integrated into Web communities, thus bringing a new generation of interactive connectivity to users.

PeerMe can be the web platform for voice communications and instant messaging and can provide unlimited, free PC-to-PC Internet voice communications using free software that can be downloaded from the company website ( or certain other websites. It does not require special configuration, works behind firewalls, and can be easily downloaded either from home or office.

In addition to the P2P voice technology service, an Application Programming Interface (API) that enables website developers to add voice communications and instant messaging to their sites will be provided as well.

PeerMe’s API helps Web developers use or combine voice communications and instant messaging capabilities. For example, an Internet price comparison site could utilise the API so that site users can search through the list of sellers offering specific brands and click on the PeerMe icon to talk to any online seller instantly.

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