Peer influence cornerstone to MS Windows 8 radio advtg

Peer influence cornerstone to MS Windows 8 radio advtg

Author | Saloni Surti | Thursday, Dec 06,2012 7:42 PM

Peer influence cornerstone to MS Windows 8 radio advtg

While Microsoft Windows 8 television campaign ‘Everything at once’ managed to strike a chord with the audience, the extended radio campaign of the brand also seems to have made a mark.

The radio campaign is a mix of Microsoft brand spots, OEM spots, RJ mentions and consumer speak. The advertisements start with the Windows 8 song ‘Everything at once’, composed by Lenka, and end on messages inviting listeners to try Windows 8 at their nearest computer stores. 
“Radio is an important medium to engage with our set of audience and we have leveraged this medium to deliver against our reach and frequency targets,” said Shafalika Saxena, Head – Central Marketing Group, Microsoft Corporation India.

Click here to listen to the jingle 1: audio

Designed by Team Wunderman India, the campaign duration is two weeks. Saxena explained that the objective of the campaign is to create desire for Windows 8 devices/PCs across different cities and motivate consumers to go to retail stores to get hands-on experience of new devices. It smartly banks on the Indian consumers’ tendency of trying products before purchasing.
In spite of using the same advertisement as television, the campaign has garnered major attention by using the element of peer influence. RJs are promoting Windows 8 by going to various computer outlets and asking consumers for their feedback, which is then broadcasted on air. This has helped the brand integrate its radio campaign with retail, giving footfalls at retail outlets a boost.

Commenting on the campaign from a consumer point of view, Ambika Sharma, Managing Director and CEO, Pulp Strategy said, “The Windows 8 campaign uses peer influence, thus, offering an interesting package. With bytes from users and influencers, who gave their feedback and shared experiences on radio, it has created a trust level.”

Click here to listen to the jingle 2: audio

Through the consumer speak on air, the campaign aims at generating relevant word-of-mouth on a large scale.

The campaign might not tick all the creative check boxes but it scores with the peer influence factor, extensive frequency at which the ad is aired and the popularity witnessed by the television campaign.

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