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PayPod intends to have 1,000 publishers & agencies for its digital ad network

PayPod intends to have 1,000 publishers & agencies for its digital ad network

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Monday, Jun 11,2007 6:26 PM

PayPod intends to have 1,000 publishers & agencies for its digital ad network

PayPod, an India based digital advertising network, intends to streamline the digital advertising space in the country through its network by acting as the middleman between the agency, advertiser and the publisher.

The company intends to have around 1,000 publishers and agencies in its network within a year of its official launch. PayPod will be launched for the mobile and the Internet medium initially, and as the network grows, it plans to foray into rich media formats and in-game advertisements.

“The company, which plans to launch its full scale operations within three to four weeks from now, will act as an end-to-end solution provider to this space in South East Asia,” explained Durga Das, COO and VP-Business Development, PayPod.

With a view to tap into the growing digital space that includes the Internet and mobile medium, Das explains that the company is planning to be the one-stop destination for advertising in the space. She adds, “Our back-end services will ensure that agencies and advertisers can get all their works done through us, with some easy steps.”

With a commission-based revenue model in mind, she explained that the company is looking to create a digital advertising network designed with the Indian business mentality in place. “We are looking at creating volume sales for the publishers through the network, which will enable us in getting cheaper rates than anyone, which we further can pass on to the agency or the advertiser,” she observed.

The company claims to have a network-driven targeting system which will enable the brand to be targetted as per demography, geographical location, IP number or even mobile number.

The plans from the company seem to be of great value to advertising agencies and the advertisers. But how many advertisers will actually exploit this potential can be ascertained only after a few months when the network is fully established.

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