One in eight online searches end in transactions: Vizisense

One in eight online searches end in transactions: Vizisense

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, May 30,2011 8:27 AM

One in eight online searches end in transactions: Vizisense

A study by ViziSense to measure the interest in mobile phones online, carried out over various eCommerce sites for the period January to April 2011, shows that users who went to eCommerce sites were spending more time seeking out Blackberry handsets than any other smartphones.

According to Vizisense, Blackberry phones make up 29 per cent of all searches on eCommerce sites, but the most searched for devices still remain Nokia’s. Combining featurephones and smartphones, Nokia accounted for 35 per cent of searches on eCommerce websites, followed by Samsung, which had 30 per cent of the searches, while Micromax had 22 per cent.

While the overall share of smartphones in India is a meagre 5 per cent, a huge 44 per cent of people show interest in smartphones online vis-à-vis the lower end handsets.

It is worth noting though that the audience for cheaper featurephones probably buys and compares the devices offline in far greater numbers, however, as smartphones are becoming more commonplace and inexpensive, the technology cycle is clearly headed towards connected devices.

Interestingly, the Vizisense data also reveals that one in every eight searches on eCommerce sites results in a transaction, with 12 per cent of the people buying the mobile phones from eCommerce and group buying sites. The number would be even higher, but a lot of users compare many brands before making a final decision to purchase, so there is a lot of user duplication in the case of top brands like Nokia and Samsung, with 50 per cent of the users comparing both these brands, according to Vizisense.

Amit Bhartiya, GM & VP, ViziSense, said, “Rampant changes and upgrades in phone models and features has made the Internet a very compelling medium to help decision making around buying phones. As the largest buyers lie in the TG of 15-24 year olds across the country, Blackberry seems to have a done great job in capturing the imagination of this audience in a market infested by smartphones.”

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