OgilvyOne releases new digital campaign for The Economist

OgilvyOne releases new digital campaign for The Economist

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Mar 30,2011 8:51 AM

OgilvyOne releases new digital campaign for The Economist

Pick one of these – “Interactive media units were effectively employed in order to sustain brand salience in the wake of the World Cup frenzy”. Or “We made some banner ads during the World Cup”. If you prefer the second one, that’s exactly the point being made by The Economist’s new digital campaign created by OglivyOne Mumbai.

The Economist takes pride in being pithy, and in throwing out cliché and jargon. It’s how The Economist does justice to its promise – “Interpret the world”. This message would become the core of the advertising for the campaign.

According to OglivyOne, advertising on TV during the World Cup would mean competing with a deluge of other brands all clamoring for attention; moreover, the target audience (potential subscribers) spent a lot of time online. Finally, potential subscribers are most likely to warm up to The Economist through articles they happen to read on the official website. All of which suggested that a high-profile online advertising campaign on all the major sites would be a smart way to reach our audience.

The resulting banner campaign exposes the viewer to a verbose, jargon-filled statement. Clicking the “interpretation” button on the banner reveals The Economist way of saying the same thing, in keeping with the brand promise of “Interpret the World”. This allows the magazine to show a sense of humour as well, so, “A manually operated digging implement” is interpreted as “Spade”, while “Exciting career opportunities in Waste Management” becomes “Janitor Wanted”.

Suprio Guha Thakurta, Managing Director – India, The Economist, said, “Keeping brand awareness alive out during the cricket season is a major problem if you are not a huge spender. The new online campaign cleverly sidesteps television and that too with a dose of wit that the brand is famous for.”

Each banner also contains a link leading to a related article on Economist.com, thus giving our audience a taste of the concise, pithy writing The Economist is known for. There are 10 creative executions in all, and the banners appear on major sites including BBC, Reuters India, Money Control, Yahoo News and Yahoo Finance.


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