Obit: Steve Jobs – The legend will live on...

Obit: Steve Jobs – The legend will live on...

Author | Vineet Gupta | Friday, Oct 07,2011 9:36 AM

Obit: Steve Jobs – The legend will live on...

I never thought I could be so busted up about the loss of someone I never met. #stevejobs
This tweet from Ashton Kutcher sums up the general mood and emotion on most of the web all day today (October 6, 2011), ever since the news of one of the most iconic individuals of this era passing away, hit the wires.

Steve Jobs – a name that means different things to different people. A geek to geeks, a designer to a designer, a leader to a leader and a visionary to all.

I have not seen the kind of love and affection for any other person as much as I did for this man today. When you look back and try to think of the reason for this, to me it all boils down to the simplicity with which this man did what he did.

The impact that he has had on the past, present and, most importantly, the future, is nothing short of insanity. While leaders across the globe struggle to impact a category/ segment, he has singlehandedly redefined multiple industries. Think of it – the work and vision of Steve Jobs has pretty much redefined the Music, Movies, Computing and Telecommunications industry.

While Philips got it right as their brand promise when they said Sense and Simplicity, to this man it was just a way of life. To bring Apple out of the situation it was in before he rejoined was not an easy task. But he made it possible by simply – simplifying the problem.

His passion for the users and usability has pretty much given birth to a whole new breed of individuals who now (rightly so) pay more importance to the user than they have ever done before.

‘Ultimately, excellent design isn’t about creating beautiful aesthetics; it’s about creating memorable experiences’ – This single quote has sent many individuals and sometimes even companies (they might not admit it) back to the drawing board to relook the way they look at design and usability.

Even outside of Apple, the mark that this man has made on young aspiring entrepreneurs and technologists has been massive. Who hasn’t watched him deliver that amazing speech at Stanford – ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’ has probably become the mantra for the current generation of young entrepreneurs like ourselves. I am yet to meet a single entrepreneur who does not have him on his list of role models. That’s the impact this man has had on the world at large.

Now that he is gone, there will be obvious questions raised on what next. I personally believe the question itself is quite unnecessary. Here’s why – Steve Jobs is a legend (and will always be) and what he has done in the last decade or so is to lay down a very strong and solid foundation for a culture – a culture of innovation, passion and execution excellence. And cultures don’t die anytime soon. If we look within Apple itself, the people that were a part of his core team such as Tim Cooks and Jonathan Ive are great individuals to take this culture forward. So, even though the person himself is no more amongst us, his legend will continue to drive many others to think in the right direction, to think that “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today”.

Steven Paul Jobs – For being the control freak that you were. For changing the world the way you did. For inspiring millions of us like nobody else – Thank You and May your soul – RIP.

(Vineet Gupta is Managing Partner, 22feet.)

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