Now, WRP for rating the Web

Now, WRP for rating the Web

Author | Johnson Napier | Saturday, Nov 06,2010 8:02 AM

Now, WRP for rating the Web

Web publishers, media planners, evangelists of the medium, and even the value-for-money seeking advertisers may heave a sigh of relief where the medium of the Internet is concerned. After years of questioning the need for a robust measurement metric for the Internet, hope may now be found in the just launched division by IMRB – Web Audience Measurement (WAM). Just like what TAM does for television by releasing the TRPs, the same would be done for the Internet with Web Rating Points (WRPs).

IMRB International’s Thomas Puliyel, along with his team, had the media and members from the digital world in good attendance as they announced the formal launch of the new measurement metric service in Mumbai.

As is the norm for television, WAM will measure the web by deploying meters across the top eight metros and also rest of India. To begin with, the team at WAM already has a sample size of 21,000 households and 90,000 individuals to boast of. The aim is to provide accurate and ‘weighted’ data, something that the team believes is not a hallmark of the other players in the space.

Giving a lowdown on the robustness of the new metric and the need for the same, J Rajaretnam, Senior Vice President, IMRB International (BIRD, research-based consultancy), said that the WRP would be unique in the sense that it would provide holistic measurement of active Internet users. “Web publishers, media planners and advertisers would be the main beneficiaries as WRP would measure key metrics like reach, time spent, frequency and other factors in an appropriate way. Furthermore, our metric would help them to segregate the target audience vis-à-vis age, gender and SEC. Going a step ahead, WRP would be able to capture data from cyber cafes too, something that is untried as yet,” he added.

The team at WAM would be led by Balendu Shrivasava, Group Business Director, IMRB, who has been instrumental in conceptualising and setting up the new metric system.

Initially, the team would be releasing data on a monthly basis, but the periodicity will be brought down to a week in the ensuing months, according to senior sources from IMRB.

Prior to the launch, a panel discussion, titled ‘Internet Works!’, was held which did a reality check on where digital has progressed as a medium and how a robust measurement metric was the need of the hour. Moderated by TAM’s LV Krishnan, the other panelists included Madison’s Sam Balsara, Mindshare’s R Gowthaman, Yahoo! India’s Nitin Mathur and IMRB International’s Tomas Puliyel.

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