Nokia builds CDMA awareness with 'phone ke peeche kya hai' ad

Nokia builds CDMA awareness with 'phone ke peeche kya hai' ad

Author | Malini Menon | Monday, Feb 14,2005 7:50 AM

Nokia builds CDMA awareness with 'phone ke peeche kya hai' ad

You don't just own a phone you possess it! Nokia India intends to communicate just this with the 2112 model (CDMA), wherein the message is clear-personalise your phone. Here, the 'connecting' factor is the feature, which enables the customer to slide in his or her photograph or for that matter the loved ones,' in the picture frame behind the phone. Therefore the punch line-'phone ke peeche kya hai?'

"We have made a personality statement through the campaign. The feel of the campaign is such that it would evoke a 'sense of being,'" said Sanjay Behl, Head of Marketing, Nokia India. However, Nokia India's objective is more than this. The bigger effort is to increase the awareness of CDMA technology and make it savvier with people.

Behl said, "The general perception about CDMA is that consumers are forced to buy the handset from the operators existing in the market. In fact, consumers are feeling shackled because they feel that not many features are available in CDMA and our focus is to change this notion. We want to communicate that you get enhanced personalised features at competitive prices with CDMA phones too."

So is Nokia India's attempt to really tap on the CDMA market? "Certainly," said Behl, adding, "We understand that consumers have certain concerns when it comes to CDMA, like it isn't too-premium, you don't get model options, you are stuck with the same handset etc. So our aim is really to spread more awareness." Interestingly, the company is taking up initiatives like open market distribution and encouraging consumers to buy CDMA phones from Nokia's outlets. In fact, recently the company added five new models to its existing portfolio and hinted at the possibility of launch of another, which allows a CDMA user to change the handset.

Bates India has created the 2112 campaign. The 30-second commercial has been shot in Mumbai and made by Shamin Desai. DJ Mathew has given the music. On the campaign, Charulata Ravi Kumar, Executive Vice President and General Manager, said, "The objective was to really build more awareness among the consumers on the CDMA features and at the same time capture the emotional value a phone can add to your life."

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