Nexia Technologies brings Cellmagix for mobile savvy users

Nexia Technologies brings Cellmagix for mobile savvy users

Author | Rishi Vora | Monday, Dec 17,2007 6:52 AM

Nexia Technologies brings Cellmagix for mobile savvy users

Nexia Technologies has introduced Cellmagix, a new distribution channel via mobile phones. The Cellmagix software enables consumers to receive desired content on their mobile devices via the Bluetooth technology. Cellmagix opens up new vistas of free, fast and user desired content delivery to mobile handsets.

Targeted at the mobile savvy consumer, Cellmagix solution also provides value for brands through advertisements, spot offers, sampling, polls, permission-based marketing, dating and live interactivity. The technology enables distribution of content in various forms such as text, animation, images, multimedia and graphics.

The service can be used by consumers at airports, banks, hospitals, hotels, kiosks, large shopping malls, movie theater complexes, nightclubs, and many other such places.

Commenting on the business model and the marketing initiatives, Anil Peswani, CEO, Nexia Technologies, said, “Cellmagix offers mobile content to our users free of cost, and our revenue model is pretty much on the ad-model side. For marketing, we have strategic alliances with leading malls, multiplexes, banks, retail chains, shopping plazas, etc., for installation of Cellmagix zones at their locations nationwide. Our service offering and the message inviting users to turn their Bluetooth on is well conveyed by way of banners, standees and other promotional material at the locations.”

Nexia Technologies plans to have a nationwide presence, especially in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. The Cellmagix brand has already been endorsed by 50 leading mainstream brands for communicating messages via mobile phones.

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