News Republic does not compete with branded news apps, it complements them: Shafi Saxena

News Republic does not compete with branded news apps, it complements them: Shafi Saxena

Author | Abid Hasan | Wednesday, May 13,2015 8:46 AM

News Republic does not compete with branded news apps, it complements them: Shafi Saxena

News Republic a mobile and media publishing app has entered the Indian market. This innovative “born mobile” company has operations in the Americas and Europe and it recently launched in both Russia and China.

The app has launched in India last week and talking to exchange4media, Shafi Saxena, Chief Brand Officer, News Republic said, “We are so excited to be in India because our mission is to spark informed conversation and global conversation and issues that matter and we know no informed global communication can be complete without coming to India.”

On expectations from the Indian Market, Saxena said, “We will learn and grow together with the Indian market exponentially. India and News Republic were both born mobile. We don’t have the legacy of PCs. India and News Republic are in the same journey together. I think India being such a mobile first market and News Republic being a mobile first company, we will find synergies that News Republic can learn from and deploy in other parts of the world.”


Will it be easy to grow in a competitive market like India? And why would branded news apps would want to partner with News Republic? Saxena replies, “We live in a world where there is no shortage of content. There is too much content, not too little. Consumers are becoming hyper aware of the value of their mindshare. As mobile has shortened attention span, it has also increased appetite for news. More people are spending more time in consuming news than ever before in history of time. But they have ingrained an appetite for consuming news or content from a wide variety of sources.”

She further explains, “News Republic does not compete with branded mobile apps, it complements them. What we do through our interface is that we showcase partner content just as beautifully as presented in the partner website itself. We don’t scrape content, we don’t steal content and make sure the user experience is brilliant.”

What News Republic will allow their partners to do is have a two-way window with their readers and the world. So for Indian content partners for instance, it will be easy to be discovered outside of India.

She described how news consumption has changed over the years, talking about how news used to be consumed on newspapers, then PCs, tablets, phones and now wearables. What we are seeing in the mobile-first world is 70% of consumers around the world (as per their survey) go to mobile websites 7 times a day to get their news. Only 30% of people go to a television to get their news. Almost no one picks up a magazine anymore and print in most markets other than India is languishing, she said. “If you’re not participating in the mobile space, you’re not going to be reaching your audiences and certainly by partnering with news syndicators like News Republic branded news apps enhance the discoverability of their own great articles,” she added.

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