Netflix records nearly 35,000 Twitter mentions in one month

Netflix records nearly 35,000 Twitter mentions in one month

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Feb 11,2016 8:17 AM

Netflix records nearly 35,000 Twitter mentions in one month

As Netflix’s first free month got over, according to some experts there are high possibilities of its subscribers cancelling their subscription. The recent report released by Meltwater India takes an overall view of how it has been received on social media.

"Based on the large number of mentions over various social media channels, there is no doubt that Indians have welcomed Netflix. Since its launch there have been more than 30,000 mentions on Netflix's entry in India,” says Nitin Bhatia, Director Agency Partnerships, Meltwater India.

Conversations were highest on Twitter from January 1 to February 1 reaching nearly 35k. On its launch day-- January 6, Netflix saw nearly 7k mentions over social media whereas next day it jumped to more than 18.1k. However, the buzz has started fading since then.

Meltwater also found that a majority of the reaction over social media were neutral while positive mentions outweighed heavily negative ones.

"Reactions have been mixed, we saw Twitterati majorly posting about Netflix's introductory packages & pricing. There were a few posts indicating that Netflix is for the elite while its local competitor Hotstar by Star India is for the masses. It’s too early to say whether Netflix is eying the masses or the classes but we have interesting times ahead where this mystery will unfold,” explains Bhatia.

Here what Twitter was abuzz with:





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