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Netcore Solutions launches free SMS update service MyToday Dailies

Netcore Solutions launches free SMS update service MyToday Dailies

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Wednesday, Feb 06,2008 6:44 AM

Netcore Solutions launches free SMS update service MyToday Dailies

Netcore Solutions has announced the launch of MyToday Dailies, a free daily SMS update service on a variety of topics such as news, Sensex, cricket, etc. The service will carry text adverts at the end of these updates. Subscribers can activate the service and discontinue it at any point of time by sending an SMS to the company.

Speaking on the initiative, Abhijit Saxena, CEO, Netcore Solutions, said, “The mobile phone is a true convergence device that could replace the TV and the computer as it is available with the user all the time. Moreover, text messaging is the most powerful medium to reach a large addressable audience in the shortest span of time.”

The Mumbai-based company has close to 20 SMS-based channels which can be accessed by subscribers irrespective of the operator or the circle. As this service is available on request, a user needs to send an SMS to a pre-designated number (9845398453) with the text followed by the name of service (like News or Cricket) to activate the service.

Calling this a “pull based medium”, Saxena said regarding the revenue model, text advertisements would be served under the content provided through the service and was customisable to the region that it could be sent to, and the channel could also be chosen for appending it.

Explaining the effectiveness of this medium for marketers, Saxena pointed out that this was one of the best interactive mediums available with the quickest turnaround time as users could call or SMS to the number appended with the advert. The company also claims to have conducted 30 campaigns since July 2007.

Netcore has also decided to launch a WAP portal,, which will be updated on a current basis in terms of features available on the site.

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