NDTV Convergence launches user-powered question answering service ‘NDTV Answers’

NDTV Convergence launches user-powered question answering service ‘NDTV Answers’

Author | Abhijeet Mukherjee | Saturday, Jan 05,2008 6:48 AM

NDTV Convergence launches user-powered question answering service ‘NDTV Answers’

NDTV Convergence has launched ‘NDTV Answers’, a new online user-generated question answering service that offers rewards for quality answers. The service has been launched in beta mode in partnership with Ammas.com Ltd, an Internet leader in knowledge trading designs.

NDTV Answers taps into an existing network that generates an industry-leading average of over six quality-filtered responses per query, with nearly 300,000 registered advisors and over 830,000 articles of quality-filtered advice. The service is claimed to be unique as it allows users to receive rewards that can be converted to or used as real money. All questions and answers would be run through vigorous community filtering mechanisms to ensure the fastest and highest quality answers possible.

According to Sanjay Trehan, CEO, NDTV Convergence, “On NDTV Answers, anyone can ask a question and a panel of experts would answer them. It’s free for the question seeker and rewarding for the knowledge sharer. As the answered thread is archived and searchable, each member and visitor can add to the Internet’s vast pool of collective knowledge. As of now, questions can only be asked and answered in English, but we are looking at language options in 2008.”

A panel of experts would answers the questions put by users. A list of top advisors is available in the site itself, who are experts in fields like range from IT, astrology, beauty, lifestyle, relationships and more. The answers to the questions would be available in few hours after the question is posted back by the panelist, explained Trehan.

Trehan said that user surveys revealed that such a network would save users an average of over 10 hours of Internet research time per question.

“We’re very much focused on quality service. NDTV Convergence, a leading innovator in Web 2.0, with an active community of Internet-savvy users, demands the best possible services from a Q&A system. With our experience in this field, we’re confident that NDTV users will immediately understand the extra value this product gives them,” added Rohit Bagad, Head of India Operations, Ammas.com Ltd.

The rewards would come in the form of Ask Agent Dollars (AA$). The Ask Agent technology developed and owned by Ammas.com Ltd is the knowledge trading engine that provides information to those who need it and rewards those with information to share.

AA$ are the universal currency of Ammas.com and the Ask Agent network of websites. One can earn AA$ for answering questions. The AA$ can be used for shopping or sell them for US dollars through the Ask-Ex trade system. Ammas also has a partnership with SifyMall.com, whereby all products available on the shopping site can be purchased with AA$.

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