TODAY´S NEWS to further explore Indian languages; mobile plan on cards too to further explore Indian languages; mobile plan on cards too

Author | Robin Thomas | Saturday, Jul 11,2009 9:17 AM

A- to further explore Indian languages; mobile plan on cards too

After consolidating in 2008, be it through an alliance with Zoom TV or Star India, this year plans to expand further into Indian languages. While has already launched an online Marathi video channel, Saptarangi, the online entertainment platform now aims to expand to Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Gujarati languages, by the end of this year.

Launched in November 2006, had aired Live feed during the counting day of the General Elections in May 2009, and also during the Union Budget 2009-10 on social networking site This initiative allowed all Facebook users to access the Live streaming of the Union Budget’s broadcast from the Parliament on July 6, 2009, and also included the pre- and post-Budget discussions. This apart, other website users and bloggers could also access the Live feed from without any restrictions. currently is live with around 27 channels, which includes international channels.

In conversation with, Sunil Nair, Founder and CEO,, said, “A lot of work is on to get the regional content into place, primarily because we believe that the Internet demographics in our country is going to change drastically in the next 18 months.”

He added, “The year 2008 was spent in consolidating and working with a lot of TV channels like Zoom and Star, while in 2009 I can safely say that we are a business which is viable, vibrant and which can make revenues. The focus is to expand across the globe and into Indian languages, and at the same time have a streamline revenue source.”

Hungama, one of South Asia’s largest mobile and digital entertainment content, is an investor in Meanwhile, it is learnt that the online video network has plans to use mobile significantly in the coming months. “Anyone today on the Internet and not having a mobile plan has got its strategy wrong. We do have plans of using mobile in a particular manner. There is a pretty strong mobile strategy in place,” Nair further said.

He added, “Around 2012 is when online video will really explore worldwide. It is estimated that online video advertising is worth $7.2 billion globally. However, in India ironically, we club online video along with the Internet advertising market itself, which is around Rs 680 crore today. The online video market is not going to grow just on the back of people who are advertising online, we have to be a supplementary medium to television advertising. Our estimate is that between 8-10 per cent of the traditional TV advertising money will start coming to online videos itself.”

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