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Nautanki.tv launches its application on Facebook

Nautanki.tv launches its application on Facebook

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Oct 17,2007 8:12 AM

Nautanki.tv launches its application on Facebook

Online TV channel nautanki.tv has launched its application on social networking platform Facebook. Nautanki.tv produces original video content that is primarily focussed on entertainment, social issues, humour and Indian cinema. With this new application, Nautanki.tv becomes the first Indian company to commercially exploit the Facebook.com platform.

Commenting on the association, Sunil R Nair, CEO and Co-Founder, Nautanki.tv, said, “In the first phase of the launch of Nautanki.tv, we went after the long tail of the Internet and have created a network of 1,642 published feeds which carry video ads that are clickable, along with interesting video content based on the genre of the web properties publishing the feed. In the second phase, we are going after the large communities that have sizable international users. The Facebook.com application is just the beginning in a series of integrations of Nautanki.tv with online communities. Content owners can now plug into the Nautanki.tv system along with their own advertisers and reach a huge audience. Similarly, Nautanki.tv provides applications to other platforms to integrate its content for its users.”

Facebook.com opened up its platform a few months ago creating the Facebook economy, whereby intelligent usage of the demographically classified users fetches huge returns. Nautanki.tv can now offer advertisers Indian audiences who are members of Facebook.com, based on age groups, location and interests. With more and more advertisers in the online space looking at better segmentation, demographics of the user has become more crucial than ever before. Nautanki.tv’s Facebook application went live a few days go and has seen tremendous response, claiming over 100 users in the first few hours of the application being live.

Ashish Bhansali, Project Lead-Alliance Integration, Nautanki.tv, said that there would be a suite of 10 different applications that would soon be available. “People should be able to earn points and rewards for watching the content on the Nautanki.tv feeds via their Facebook.com profile pages.” According to Ram Seshan, CTO, Nautanki.tv, users of Facebook.com and Nautanki.tv would be able to monetise their own traffic once the application reached a critical mass.

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