Mudra Max goes big on digital; adds new digital businesses

Mudra Max goes big on digital; adds new digital businesses

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Wednesday, Nov 16,2011 7:57 AM

Mudra Max goes big on digital; adds new digital businesses

Digital has come of age for Mudra Max not only in terms of the agency’s overall offering to the agency’s clients, but also in terms of the contribution to the agency’s overall revenues.

According to Mudra Max CEO Pratap Bose, the agency had approached its digital offering with a concerted effort earlier this year and this was now showing results.

Mudra Max has already picked up the digital duties of IndiaFirst, IDBI, Suzlon, Sharp, Jagran Group's iNext, BPCL, L&T and Delhi Government. These are only to name a few that the agency is working on. Bose is clear that Mudra Max will bring digital at the core of its offering rather than housing it in a standalone unit.

He explained, “I don’t believe in the talk of a digital specialist agency or digital arm. The minute you say that, to my mind, you have already missed the bus. Digital has to be an integral part of what you are thinking, whether it is analytics, creative, account planning, whatever.”

While Mudra Max always had digital in its offering, the agency went aggressive in the last six months. Mudra Max has a 12-member digital team. At present, the team works under the direct supervision of Pratap Bose. Anwesh Bose and Sunilkumar Suvvaru are leading the teams from Delhi and Mumbai, respectively.

Speaking on the early experiences, he stated, “There never were issues in finding talent in the digital space. The difficulty was finding clients who lived in a digital world. Typically, clients would say ‘we know we have to do it because everyone is doing it, but we don’t know what to do’. Global clients have some advantage because of the work happening in international markets. In India, clients that can put together a digital-only brief are few and far between.”

Elaborating on this, Bose said, “One of the biggest mistakes in media would be to treat digital as a separate function. A digital world cannot survive on tools or clout, it needs to be driven by ideas. You need to creatively engage people who inhabit this world. Digital platforms, social media channels and technology can only be enablers.”

According to Bose, digital was not merely adding a Twitter handle or creating a Facebook page, as was typically done. He said, “We need to understand that the likes of Facebook and YouTube are social media channels, which are subject to change in a digital world, where nothing’s constant. If the digital window was a laptop earlier, it’s the mobile now. Technology and platforms are moving at such a fast pace that the word Digital itself is a bastardised term.”

Digital poses many challenges and opportunities. The medium is not yet defined by rate cards and size benchmarks. Digital buying is still ‘cowboy country’ with the volume discounts being the most profitable of all media in India today.

For Mudra, it is a combination of creative and media that is the best bet. “You have to be in the media buying game together with great creative and marketing solutions. It is critical that the creative solution fits the media of choice. And you cannot be a generalist in digital. You have to have the edge and capabilities in mobile, search, social media, analytics, etc.,” Bose added.

He is convinced that 2012 will be a landmark year for Mudra’s digital business.


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