MSN India targets the fairer sex with MSN She

MSN India targets the fairer sex with MSN She

Author | Shubhi Tandon | Friday, Aug 12,2011 9:10 AM

MSN India targets the fairer sex with MSN She

MSN India has launched a new project – MSN She – to reach out to women and provide a discussion platform for women-related issues. The website looks to encourage active user involvement and engagement and highlight women’s issues. It looks to increase awareness about discrimination against women, rights and campaigns and create an online space for women to know all about issues that are being raised world over and become a part of the current movements.

The website description states, “‘She’ is a woman who is not afraid to live her life the way she wants to. She wants to make her own choices, enjoy her freedom, and not be treated like a second class citizen. ‘She’ is an MSN exclusive that brings to you all things women. We dig deep into horrifying tales of injustice, abuse, violence and also share encouraging facts that have given hope to millions of women worldwide that life can indeed be beautiful We hope ‘She’ makes a difference in your life and inspires you to take on the movement to bring change, make things better for her and help her hold up ‘Half the Sky’, the way she’s meant to.”

The website content will include stories about urban as well as rural women and it will cover stories of success, of inspiring women and those who do things differently.

Commenting on the launch of the website, Sanjay Trehan, Head, MSN India, said, “This is an attempt by MSN India to pay tribute to the emerging Indian woman.MSN She aims to fill in the niche on quality reportage of women-related issues and provide a credible digital platform where women can converge to share their thoughts, emotions and experiences.

“We want to make this very interactive and co-opt the modern woman into the whole creative process. In many ways this is an ultra-feminist project which will dare to explore highly sensitive and provocative issues. Most importantly, this is a living website and will continue to evolve over time to showcase all that our users want,” he added.

The website includes a news section which will feature top news stories from around the world, from feminist reporters and bloggers and feature articles, videos, images and polls, etc. Another section is the 'Trailblazers' section, which talks about inspiring women, from all walks of life. The section on 'Stripped' focuses on social, political and economic issues that have affected women and their role in society. It covers crimes, cases of violence, discrimination and other highly debated and controversial issues like rape, abortion, property rights, human rights, etc. There is a discussion platform as well, titled 'She Speaks', which features polls, besides allowing women to share their experiences.

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