Motorola eyes bigger share of mobile phone pie, launches 5 phones in quick succession

Motorola eyes bigger share of mobile phone pie, launches 5 phones in quick succession

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Saturday, Feb 18,2006 7:38 AM

Motorola eyes bigger share of mobile phone pie, launches 5 phones in quick succession

In a bid to increase its target audience as well as share in the Indian market, Motorola has five phones in one month. “The strategy behind launching so many phones in such quick succession is that the company is broad basing their wide range. We want to play in the small segments,” said Lloyd Mathias, Marketing Director, Motorola.

The five new phones include Motoslim –L6, Motorola VR L7, C-168, C-139 and Razr V3.

He added, “Our defined target markets/consumer segments are depending on the model of the phones. Razr V3 is meant more for the premier audience. Our strong focus is on the mass markets.

“The company is doing lot of outdoor promotions, including bus shelters, hoardings for these new phones. We will be basically doing advertisements in print. Motorola has had a tie-up with Yahoo and Google. We are doing lot of promotions on the Internet. We have TVCs currently being aired on C-139, Moto Razor and SLVR L7,” Mathais further said.

Motorola’s new special-edition Pink Razr V3 is the essence of advanced technology and design. At only 13.9 mm in width, 53 mm wide (the width of a credit card) and 98 mm long, it is one of the slimmest phones on the market yet still rich in functions, performance excellence and design innovation. The phone is priced at Rs 13,700.

Created for successful and image conscious consumers who value performance and style, the Motorola SLVR L7 allows them to express their individuality with cutting edge design and function. Narrower than the size of a credit card (86 x 54 mm), albeit 50 per cent taller, the SLVR is even slimmer than the Razr’s 13.9 mm profile.

The Motorola L6 blends a variety of multimedia features, offering fun and spontaneous imaging capabilities, including a 4x zoom VGA digital camera with auto timer, video capture and playback, and the ability to create personal multimedia photo albums. With a generous amount of user memory space for storage and the ability to capture and send photos, video clips, etc through MMS and Bluetooth, this mobile embraces multi-sensory connections.

The Motorola C168 is in tune with the classic style thin form factors that has been the benchmark of Motorola over the last couple of years. The C168 is designed primarily for users who are on the go. It includes a 65K colour display, MMS, and zoom font. The C168 possesses an exceptional talktime and battery life. With storage for up to 600 phonebook entries and 250 SMS messages, the C168 allows users to keep important information and messages at their fingertips. Motorola offers all this and more for an affordable price of Rs 3,990.

C139, a chic candybar handset, is the latest in the series of mass market phones from the technology giant making an aggressive stance at capturing the Indian market. The C139 is also equipped with multiple organisational features, making it a one-stop shop for on-the-go time management. The C139 has been competitively priced at Rs 3,000.

Meanwhile, the Oscar nominees this year, too, will receive special Motorola mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets. It is the second year of giveaway for Motorola, who presented last year’s Academy Award nominees with the Black Razr. This year, it’s the PEBL, a sleek gun-metal-colour design that comes with an H700 Bluetooth headset, powered by Rapid Connect technology, and a complimentary three-month subscription to T-Mobile wireless.

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