Monster India unveils new TVC to reinforce its claim of finding the right job

Monster India unveils new TVC to reinforce its claim of finding the right job

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Monday, May 08,2006 6:35 AM

Monster India unveils new TVC to reinforce its claim of finding the right job

Monster India, which completely revamped its website on February 19, 2006, has launched a new TVC, which reinforces the job site’s claim to find the right job for the right person in a dramatic way.

The film opens on the face of a scuba diver. As the executive inside looks on confused, the camera pulls back to reveal the diver cleaning. Then cut to a chef; as the camera pulls back, we see that the chef is actually a barber, as he begins to give a shave to a customer, appears an irritated traffic cop trying to manage the traffic chaos, who suddenly transforms into a music conductor. Cut to the close up of a dancer, with headphones and a mike, morphs into a man guiding an airplane on the runway. Then comes a cricketer. The frame freezes with a male voiceover saying, “Caught in the wrong job?”

Explaining the concept behind the ad, Dhruvakanth B Shenoy, Vice-President, Marketing, MonsterAsia, said, “Monster taps the big potential in a manner to allow us to help you find the right job. Thousands of people skills don’t match with what they are actually doing. We have dramatised the whole situation.”

He added, “Our focus is mainly on the TVCs on various channels like STAR Movie, HBO, NDTV, CNN-IBN, Discovery, National Geographic Channel, STAR Plus, STAR One, Aaj Tak. We are focusing on TV and online advertisement.”

Elaborating on the ad, JWT Creative Director, Oranjee Gupta, said, “Monster is all about sharp search, right jobs. Monster helps you find the right job always. The communication reflects the personality of Monster – edgy, unconventional and prone to thinking differently. It is an accepted fact that job-search is serious business, but Monster has never been a serious or clinical brand. The present communication is good-hearted (not slapstick or derogatory) fun. Having said that, the communication brings a wide smile to the face of the audience, while at the same time clearly communicates the brand benefit.”

He further said, “The target audience is male in the 21-30 year age group. He’s a graduate, an English speaking person living in one of the top eight cities. The potential employees are of engineering or financial services or BPO background. Active Net users are on the lookout for their second or third jobs.”

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