Mogae launches mobile couponing ecosystem

Mogae launches mobile couponing ecosystem

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Sep 12,2013 7:44 AM

Mogae launches mobile couponing ecosystem

Mogae Media has announced that its MoCoupons business vertical has signed up over 2000 grocers and general merchants in Delhi in its very first month of operation.

MoCoupons is Mogae’s mobile couponing ecosystem by which mobile subscribers receive discounts. Hitherto, while mobile discount coupons could be originated by different brands, the encashing of the discount, or the offer was limited to company-owned outlets, which are very few in numbers.

“MoCoupons is a major step forward in the last yard connectivity between consumers and brands,” said Tanya Goyal, Executive Director, Mogae Media. “We, at Mogae, have invested a lot of time and money in creating an end-to-end solution for FMCG brands, which have a large number of retail outlets that they need to reach across dispersed geographies. We can now target not only the desired customer profile for FMCG companies, but more importantly, fulfil the redemption of the coupons through on-ground tie-ups with the local kiryana stores,” she added.

The MoCoupons couponing system not only serves, tracks, validates and encashes coupons delivered on the mobile to consumers, but also gratifies the trade in one complete transaction loop. The entire system has been developed in-house by Mogae Digital, the sister company of Mogae Media, shared an official release.

“We have a large field force in Delhi signing up grocers, general merchants and OTC pharmacies. In the first month, we have crossed 2000 sign-ups. We are currently testing the coupons of two of our partner FMCG companies. In the month of September, we will cross 4000-5000 sign-ups in Delhi and NCR,” shared Goyal.

Mogae Media plans to cover all the metros by end of 2013. In the next 12 months thereafter, it will extend to top 20 cities across India.

Mogae Media, co-promoted by Sandeep and Tanya Goyal, former India JV partners of Dentsu, raised Rs 100 crore in private equity earlier this year.


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