mobile-worx launches mobile advertising platform ZestADZ

mobile-worx launches mobile advertising platform ZestADZ

Author | exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Thursday, Mar 15,2007 9:53 AM

mobile-worx launches mobile advertising platform ZestADZ

mobile-worx, leading mobility solution providers, has launched ZestADZ, a comprehensive mobile advertising platform. ZestADZ is the first of its kind mobile media platform and complements conventional media. In addition, it will also enable advertisers to launch highly targeted keyword-based marketing campaigns that can deliver mobile advertisements across any mobile platform or network. The platform will help the key stakeholders leverage the true potential of mobile marketing.

The patent pending solution enables mobile advertisements within WAP pages, mobile applications, mobile games, mobile content decks and SMS messages.

“We are pleased to deliver this innovative and patent pending product. We believe this product will revolutionise the mobile marketing industry,” said Asif Ali, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, mobile-worx.

According to Terry Uppal, Co-founder and President, mobile-worx, “We are pleased with the tremendous reception ZestADZ has received from leading carriers, advertisers and publishers. We are keen to partner with them to deliver cost effective value and competitive advantage.”

“We have seen a number of mobile marketing platforms in the last year but ZestADZ scores over all of them. mobile-worx has combined the best aspects of enterprise software, web, CRM and mobile technology. We are keen to partner with them to deliver these solutions to leading carriers and publishers in the Asia-Pacific marketplace,” said Sanjoy Bose, CEO, Buzznet, which is a leading solutions provider based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

ZestADZ follows the core principles of permission-based marketing. Advertising messages are sent only to subscribers who have opted to receive relevant and pertinent messages or content. Subscribers will gain by getting better services, offers, etc., in return for embedded, contextually relevant advertisements. ZestADZ’s campaign management capabilities allow advertisers to manage multiple campaigns for various brands across diverse target market segments and geographies.

“Mobile marketing has tremendous potential. For a direct marketer, it is indeed a dream come true and a great challenge. Till date, the tools necessary for carriers, advertisers and publishers were not made available. ZestADZ has the potential and the opportunity to change the industry landscape,” commented R. Sridhar, a pioneer in direct marketing and Partner, IDEAS-RS.

ZestADZ is built on robust open source components and is available on a fully hosted basis worldwide. It will be available to early adopters on a limited distribution basis in May this year, with general availability from June 2007.

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