Mobile will fuel the future of search engine marketing in India

Mobile will fuel the future of search engine marketing in India

Author | Robin Thomas | Thursday, Jun 18,2009 7:34 AM

Mobile will fuel the future of search engine marketing in India

The gurus of the digital world have painted a bright picture for the future of search engine marketing, which they believe would play a key role in the growth of online advertising. Experts have stated that the online advertising space would be at Rs 500 crores, in 2009-2010, in India alone. Another thought that has been tabled on various occasions is that mobile is a medium to watch out for even in the search engine marketing space. According to industry estimates, mobile industry in India is currently around Rs. 2000-3000 crore.

Parminder Singh, Business Head, Google India, explained here, “The future of search is that all who use search will use ‘Wonder Wheels’ and what does this product does is amazing, it will answer all the queries and even further queries to those queries.” Ronita Mitra, Head – Corporate Brand, ICICI Group, noted, “Overall search platform has been in decent stage so far, and the utilisation of search too has been in area where justified. Search will help consumers gain familiarity with brands and also brand engagement. Search engine marketing will play an important role in brand engagement.”

Shantanu Sirohi, Co-Founder, Interactive Avenues, added, “The journey from 50 million to 300 million internet users is going to be really slow, but it is here that mobile search will kick-in. Google is not the end of search, there is much more to it. There are local search engines too, which are another area of growth.”

Integrate Social Media and SEM:

Mahesh Murthy, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Pinstorm explained, “Social Media Marketing should be done through integration with Search Engine Marketing. Social media is a platform where like-minded individuals follow things that they are passionate about, and a bunch which follows the like-minded as well. Therefore, brands need to see the opportunity that exists and talk to those select few influencers in a manner that they listen.”

Vishal Sampat, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Convonix Inc, added, “Web 2.0 is all about conversation. But at the end of the day a lot of people go to search before buying a product. Social media and search engine marketing can go hand-in-hand.”

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