Mobile Internet advertising growing by over 40 pc: BuzzCity

Mobile Internet advertising growing by over 40 pc: BuzzCity

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Apr 21,2011 9:22 AM

Mobile Internet advertising growing by over 40 pc: BuzzCity

Adoption of mobile Internet is rising quickly in India, and according to a study carried out by BuzzCity, growth is now seen outside of centers like Delhi and Mumbai, with large concentrations in UP, Kerala and Punjab, with growth also remaining strong in rural areas, driven largely, according to the study, by the demand for entertainment.

Mobile advertising network BuzzCity released the second issue of their quarterly summary on trends that are shaping mobile advertising. According to the company, the first quarter of 2011 saw the number of ads served on their network rise by 38 per cent, up to 23.2 billion ad impressions globally, of which 2.4 billion ads were served to almost 50 million unique users.

In India, the company says, growth in user activity was matched with rising advertiser interest. Q1 2011 saw a 44 per cent increase in banners served on the BuzzCity network, with 2.4 billion ad impressions. This ties in closely with a similar figure released by InMobi, suggesting that the trend is not unique but indicative of the industry as a whole.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, according to BuzzCity CEO Dr KF Lai. He remarked, “Consumer demand for mobile content such as games continues to grow and advertisers are taking advantage of this by, for example, using pay-per download games as a key part of ad campaigns. This is particularly true of certain mobile VAS players in Indonesia, South Africa, India, and Mexico.”

Nokia still remains the dominant device globally among mobile Internet surfers (46 per cent) with Samsung (12.5 per cent) and Sony Ericsson (8.4 per cent) in second and third place. BuzzCity has also seen continued growth of Android and Maui platforms, particularly among gamers with downloads from Android devices almost doubling in just three months.

“Advertisers and developers with products based on Java based platforms will have ample opportunities. However, prospects are likely to be better for those whose strategies also include Android and MTK/Maui platforms,” said Dr Lai.

BuzzCity also reported that user activity was centered on the Cricket World Cup in the first quarter; advertisers and developers took advantage of this and launched cricket-themed applications, games and marketing campaigns.

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