Mobile ad impressions grow by 27 pc: InMobi Report

Mobile ad impressions grow by 27 pc: InMobi Report

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Apr 05,2011 8:36 AM

Mobile ad impressions grow by 27 pc: InMobi Report

Mobile ad network InMobi has released its mobile insights report, where it has stated that the mobile ad market has grown by 1.5 billion ad impressions between October 2010 and January 2011, a growth of 27 per cent. InMobi claims to be the second largest mobile ad network, behind only Google’s AdMob, displaying ads on WAP and mobile apps, but does not take into account SMS based mobile advertising, which is still significant in the mobile space in India.

According to InMobi, smartphone use is on the rise and over 1 billion monthly impressions were recorded from India in the quarter, a growth of 44 per cent, as against to 6.3 billion for feature phones, growing at 24 per cent. While smartphones are growing faster, the usage of feature phones has not stopped increasing either, and at this rate, they will continue to dominate the landscape for at least another year or two.

App impressions are only 0.5 per cent for now, as per InMobi, suggesting that publishers should focus on WAP sites, which, as the previous finding showed, should cater towards feature phones. All such websites would after all also work on smartphones.

Nokia accounts for 34.5 per cent of the market, while Symbian phones make up another 24.8 per cent, so that means that almost 60 per cent of the users are on feature phones, while Android, iOS and Blackberry all together barely account for over 1 per cent, 0.7, 0.3 and 0.3 per cent, respectively.

In terms of handsets too, Nokia controls over 59 per cent share, but this has seen a small drop matched by a gain of the same 5 per cent going in favour of Samsung, while though Micromax is small – at 1.2 per cent – it is growing quickly.


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