Making mobile marketing a significant part of the media mix

Making mobile marketing a significant part of the media mix

Author | Saloni Surti | Thursday, Apr 18,2013 7:45 PM

Making mobile marketing a significant part of the media mix

Mobile marketing is still an ambiguous concept in India. While digital has grown enough to become one of ‘THE’ media tools, mobile as a marketing platform is still growing. Marketers and agencies are still trying to tailor the platform to meet the needs of various sectors in a manner that it can translate into RoI.

Nonetheless, the cellphone eco-system is well established and extremely promising. With the arrival of smart phones, increasingly tech-savvy target audience and advancement in technology, mobiles can be one of the most promising element in a marketing mix.

Smart phone penetration
Increasing penetration of the smart phone technology has changed consumption patterns of the users phenomenally. There were approximately 38 million smart phones with active Internet connections in India at the end of 2012. In India, an average smart phone owner spends almost two hours on his smart phone browsing, watching videos, playing games and catching up on social networking sites with their friends.

Due to reasons like high cost of internet and weak connectivity the maximum time spent on mobile is in online activities (37 per cent). However, marketing options such as use of idle screen and app advertisements can be to reach out to the TG during these hours.

The tablet culture
One might now that is tablet a computer or a smart phone, but it surely is one of the fastest growing content consumption devices. Owing to the ultra modern culture adopted in most of the metros, a tablet has become a device of convenience among a very huge clan of the target audience. Consumption of content like videos, music and games is very high on tablets, giving marketers and opportunity to integrate their marketing strategy. The installed base of tablet devices is expected to grow at a 50 percent CAGR to reach 20mn units by 2017.

The app economy
Application marketing is to yet to pick up pace in India. While the number of apps downloaded globally have doubled to 45 billion in 2012, is growth in India is yet constrained, primarily due to under investment in seamless payment and distribution platforms. Nonetheless, there have been pockets of exceptions.

India is the fourth largest market for Android apps, with App downloads by Android users in India over the past year exceeding downloads over the past 3 years combined. Along with games, users are now opening up to applications for healthy, advice, safety and even company.

Mobile is synonymous to life now and not only for the youth but across all age groups. Thus mobile marketing in India is a boon and a bane at the same time. While, marketers have the opportunity to reach out to the large number of users, it has to be rooted enough to convey the brand message strongly.

To promote mobile as an effective tool for marketing and recognize some of the path breaking work done across this platform, Indian Digital Media Awards (IDMA) has special category. Mobile category will have various sub categories such as Banner ad campaign, app, gaming, WAP site, innovations and strongest community engagement. IDMA 2013 focuses on bring out the strengths of mobile marketing in the Indian ecosystem.

The report is filed on the basis of FICCI-KPMG Indian Media and Entertainment Industry Report 2013 ‘The power of a billion: Realizing the Indian dream’.

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