seeks to strengthen base; unveils new viral campaign seeks to strengthen base; unveils new viral campaign

Author | Deepshikha Singh | Thursday, Jul 24,2008 8:44 AM

A- seeks to strengthen base; unveils new viral campaign

Real estate portal has embarked on a viral campaign featuring some well-known characters. There is ‘Makaan’ Choudhary (based on the lovable Chacha Choudhary), who solves various problems in a jiffy. The viral has been conceptualised in-house by Puneet Goyal, Brand Manager,, and is being promoted through social networking sites, blogs and internally. The viral was launched on July 18 and can be viewed at

Aditya Verma, Business Head,, said, “The campaign is meant only for the online audience, and we want to reach out to as many Indians who are online as possible, throughout the campaign duration. We are expecting the campaign to become amongst the most talked-about viral campaigns ever created in India.”

The viral would remind viewers about the lovable Chacha Choudhary, who’s brain works faster than a computer, his faithful sidekick Saboo, and Mithun Duh and Rajni Cant (the names say it all). While Mithun has a tumour in his brain that he wants to get rid of, Rajni wants to bump off a goon. When approached, ‘Makaan’ Choudhary gives them his own brand of ‘filmi’ advice that solves their ‘problems’.

Finally, the giant Saboo too states his problem. He needs a house big enough to accommodate him. For this, Chacha logs on to, which provides even faster solutions than him.

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