Lukup Media in strategic pact with Mediabrands Indonesia

Lukup Media in strategic pact with Mediabrands Indonesia

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Jan 23,2013 1:30 AM

Lukup Media in strategic pact with Mediabrands Indonesia

Lukup Media has signed an agreement with Mediabrands Indonesia to offer rich media mobile advertising and consumer engagement solutions to advertisers, brands and content providers.

Lukup Media is a cross-platform interactive advertising company, while Mediabrands Indonesia is the media arm of the Interpublic Group.

Lukup Media’s advertising platform is the mobile equivalent of a fan page on a social networking site. Instead of liking a page, a loyal customer just needs to type in the brand’s URL on to their mobile web browser. This subscribes them to the brand and the custodian of the brand can then push rich media notifications to them based on their location.

Kallol Borah, Director, Lukup Media said, “Our platform enables advertisers to deliver their ad to the right target audience at the right time, and empower the audience to directly and immediately start interacting with the brand. We are thrilled to work with Mediabrands, who have proven expertise in the media industry.”

Ram Subramaniam, CEO, Mediabrands Indonesia added here, “We discovered that TV, social media and mobile are working in combination to empower a new group of consumers. We have called this new group the ‘top 10%’. This new group is having a profound influence on brand choices across categories, and we can target such influencers using this platform.”

Lukup and Mediabrands will also collaborate to create a qualified database of consumers to target rich media promotions to that are delivered from the Lukup Mobile system.

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