Lucky Break: It's just more than print advertising

Lucky Break: It's just more than print advertising

Author | Sakshi Talwar | Monday, Feb 14,2005 7:47 AM

Lucky Break: It's just more than print advertising

Earlier, print advertising, the oldest advertising format, was noticed when the brands were unique and handful. But now with the plethora of brands existing in the market, ability of a communication to stand out is a very challenging task. There are certain expectations from this non-moving and non-animated medium. If excitement and interactivity can be infused within the same print format, the advertising will automatically break the clutter. This idea of 'fusion marketing' is what went behind the conception of Lucky Break.

Lucky Break is an interactive promotional property launched by Contests2win and Businessworld. It is conceptualised and SMS-powered by contests2win and sponsored by brand owners, which will be published in Businessworld. The inaugural sponsor is Kotak Life Insurance who is rolling out a five-week activity and is offering Apple Ipod's to be won.

"The promotion arrests the consumer's eyeballs. We go to brand advertisers who are not too keen on print advertising. The aim is to get newer, younger and exciting brands to the publisher. Brand owners are given bundled offer of creativity, interactivity and innovation," said Alok Kejriwal, CEO contests2win.

"Businessworld has a mind space among consumers inclined towards business and that is a very valuable target audience. c2w's leadership in interactive marketing will now be synergised with the print medium and we will customise individual brand campaigns to deliver specific client requirements. Our Lucky Break Parrot logo symbolises the spirit of the property," he added.

Brand owners are constantly striving to get noticed, connect with their target audiences, and interact with them in real time. Traditional media when fused with interactivity becomes active, with consumers, brand owners and publishers all speaking to each other. In the case of Lucky Break, consumers discover a simple 'keyword', SMS the same to a c2w shortcode and win prizes. While doing so, they involve themselves deeply with the brand advertiser.

Said Rahul Sinha, VP Marketing, Kotak Life Insurance, "The proposal brought to us by contests2win was very exciting and new, something that Kotak Life Insurance wants its communication and media choice to be. It gives us chance to portray the right brand traits and gives our prospective clients a chance to access us and win along with us."

Apart from effective communication, a platform for eye-catching advertising is the main task in an environment where a consumer is confronted with over 12,000 brands.

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