Look paparazzi-ready with Revlon

Look paparazzi-ready with Revlon

Author | Twishy | Friday, Oct 18,2013 7:58 AM

Look paparazzi-ready with Revlon

Every woman wants to look photo-ready all the time; they want their skin to look flawless and ready to be clicked. Building on this popular insight, Revlon launched a digital campaign, including a Facebook application, Twitter handle and online contest called ‘CelebrityYou’ to promote the Revlon PhotoReady range that helps in getting that picture-perfect look.

The main motive of this campaign is to promote the belief that Revlon as a brand not only makes women across the world look gorgeous with their products, but also inspires women to freely express themselves. The PhotoReady digital campaign promotes the new products within the PhotoReady range, and also reinforces the already existing products within the range.

The Facebook application where one can morph herself into a celebrity saw over 420 entries by October 14, 2013. Women are also encouraged to upload a photo in one of the three templates (billboard, magazine or street hoarding) along with one of the newly launched PhotoReady products to see and feel like a celebrity.

This final leg of the contest is entry into the PhotoReady giveaway contest by uploading a photo which, according to the participant, is the celebrity moment in her life. The winners of the PhotoReady contest get a chance for an exclusive photo shoot with Anushka Menon – one of India’s youngest female celebrity photographers.

The Revlon India Facebook page also shares content on a wide range of topics – right from celebrities, fashion, lifestyle, vacation to diets, etc.

From the commencement of this campaign from August 19, 2013, Revlon India’s Facebook page has seen an addition of more than 95,675 fans. It has also shown an increase of 22 per cent in engagement.

Revlon’s guest photographer (Anushka Menon) will also share inside secrets to being PhotoReady, which will be a live session on the Revlon Facebook page. There will also be various tips and trends that the photographer will write in form of articles, posts, tweets, etc.

On Revlon India’s Twitter page, fans were asked to share their celebrity moment photos. This contest drew in almost 100 entries from September 9 to September 22.

Women are beauty conscious especially when it comes to photographs. Hence, the campaign rides on a popular insight that every women wants to look photo-ready all the time. It allows women to share their best of moments through a photograph and builds confidence of looking like a celebrity. It also reinforces the belief that a woman is more beautiful than she thinks and a celebrity in her own way.

The Facebook application is engaging and the numbers reveal it. Getting a photo shoot done from Anushka Menon might seem attractive to many fashionable divas. A live session on the Revlon Facebook page with Menon sharing inside secrets will garner maximum eyeballs. However, on Twitter, the engagement could have been better with more contests running.

The activity could have been larger-than-life if a few selected online photos were synced with a live hoarding at popular locations in major cities, which would display a new photograph every few hours. Food for thought?

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