Look Ma, there’s a TV on my Internet!

Look Ma, there’s a TV on my Internet!

Author | Asit Ranjan Mishra | Friday, Dec 01,2006 8:51 AM

Look Ma, there’s a TV on my Internet!

If you enjoyed the crazy videos put up on Youtube.com and relished the Bollywood and television content on Sifymax.com, then it’s time you graduated to full time television entertainment on the Internet. This is now possible through Nautanki.com, an online entertainment channel, which will formally debut on January 26, 2007.

Conceived and developed by Media Monkz Communications Pvt Ltd, the website is currently on its beta stage. “We launched the website just 10 days ago and we are already getting around 500 unique visitors without any promotions,” said Sunil R Nair, Chief Strategy Officer, Nautanki.com.

The channel will run like any other television channel with live programming on scheduled time slots. It will provide original Indian content in the genres of drama, comedy, current affairs, live shows, etc. “For the content, we will either commission a producer to create content for us or any content creator can provide us his own content. Since we will be paying for the content to be shown, we will maintain strict quality control,” Nair added.

In its beta stage, the channel is providing short films from film festivals to gauge the type of content that attracts viewers’ attention. “We will also have a lot of regional content for which there is already a great demand,” he further said.

Nautanki.com claims to have tied up with major media buying houses for running 10-second ad spots. It is offering a major portion of the inventory for free for a limited period of 15 days from December 1, beyond which the agencies will have to pay per view of each ad webcast on the channel. “We charge advertisers on pay per view basis and not on time band. We are already carrying advertisements and the number will touch 20 by next Monday.”

Asked about the how it planned to tackle the bandwidth problem, Nair said, “We will ask users to download a special software which will make the buffering faster. This will be available with our commercial launch.”

Unlike Youtube, the channel has a special section for user-generated content for which it will pay for original content. “We will encourage citizen journalists to give us news content which we can put under a special section,” Nair said.

When asked whether it would show soap operas of television channels through content syndication, Nair replied in the negative. “Long soap operas won’t fit into our kind of format. We need short formats with close up suiting with each episode running for a maximum four minutes,” he said.

The company also has plans to provide content on mobile phones, which, according to Nair, would happen around March 2007.

Meanwhile, the channel has appointed Sumit Luthra, formerly of Nimbus Entertainment, as CEO, while Vikram Prabhu, formerly of ETC, is the Content Head.

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