LinkedIn gives app a Facebook makeover

LinkedIn gives app a Facebook makeover

Author | Abhinn Shreshtha | Thursday, Dec 03,2015 8:13 AM

LinkedIn gives app a Facebook makeover

LinkedIn has given its flagship mobile application a major makeover with the focus now more on content and updates.

On the official blog, Joff Redfern, VP (Product) at LinkedIn said the app, which LinkedIn claims has been built from scratch, has been streamlined into five core areas  — Your Feed, Me, My Network, Messaging, and Search.

The entire app is built around the ‘Your Feed’ section, which has content from the user’s network. “It’s based on what we determined is most relevant for your industry, function, and skills combined with what conversations and content you care about. For the first time, as part of a lightweight onboarding process, we are going to ask you what content you are interested in, and over time you can also unfollow things that are less valuable to you,” wrote Redfern.

The new app has been getting rave reviews by commentators in the west and it has not escaped anyone notice that the design is quite similar to Facebook. In fact, with Messaging, LinkedIn has ditched the InMail feature in a move towards private messages that seem more akin to messaging than email. Other social networks like Facebook and Twitter already have their own versions of private messaging.

LinkedIn says search on the app is 300 per cent times faster. It has also included a quick way to launch related LinkedIn apps like Pulse, Groups, Job Search, etc.

Zafar Rais CEO of MindShift Interactive, feels the new facelift and customer centric approach will make LinkedIn appeal to new users. “More than half of social media traffic comes from a mobile phone or tablet, and it's expected to increase rapidly. The app by LinkedIn has a new and fresh look, enabling users to post and read on the latest news. Professionals across age groups are increasingly looking for opportunities and trending news to enhance their professional knowledge and the LinkedIn apps seems to have factored that in pretty well."

When asked for his impressions, Gautamm Mehra, Business Head (Social Media) at iProspect India, said, “The app is smoother and the focus on content and following leaders is a great refreshing take on the whole app. It's now easier to "be in the know" than before and overall I am quite impressed by this overhaul. The addition of Linkedin Groups is a big, big plus on the app. I see the increased usage of groups in the coming days and it becoming more relevant and part of the LinkedIn experience.”

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