LinkedIn aims to be the premier publishing platform on the internet

LinkedIn aims to be the premier publishing platform on the internet

Author | Abhinn Shreshtha | Tuesday, Jan 20,2015 9:32 AM

LinkedIn aims to be the premier publishing platform on the internet

LinkedIn announced  that it will now allow users in English-speaking countries to publish on the platform. This means that LinkedIn’s publishing platform is now open to more than 230 million people around the globe. In 2013, the professional network had extended this ability to users in the US. LinkedIn says it has already reached 1 million posts till now. LinkedIn members have been publishing over 40,000 posts per week, on average, the company says.

Posting on the official LinkedIn blog, a LinkedIn spokesperson said that this ability would be made available to all 330 million users in the coming months, which will include the option to post in a language of their choice as long as it is supported by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s decision is a smart move and keeping with its policy of projecting itself as a premier destination for influencers and the ‘serious’ minded. With more than 300 million users creating and sharing posts, it has the potential to become a premium content platform in the future.

In August 2014, it had bought a company called Bizo for $175 million. Bizo developed a business-audience marketing tool that allows marketers to target professionals through display and sponsored content. Though LinkedIn might not admit that tracking and serving relevant content (and ad) to its user beyond its borders was the main consideration behind the acquisition, it now has both the content as well as the targeting tool with it.

LinkedIn's Bizo acquisition could be a top draw for advertisers

Even earlier, it had bought a newsreader called Pulse. The intent is clear—it wants to drive more and more traffic to the platform, which will only happen if there is engaging content on it and what better way to get it then to crowdsource it? Facebook has recently been trying to convert itself into a ‘media’ company too rather than just a social platform, so the idea is not new.

LinkedIn operates on the three principles of identity, network and knowledge, India Country Head Nishant Rao informed us in an earlier interview. “The idea is for the company to project itself as a premier publishing platform for professionals on the internet. We believe in quality and relevance. Our primary focus is on professionals or what we call the “Prosumer” or professional consumer. It is B2B but it is also premium B2C. We are not mass market and we do not aspire to be,” he had explained.

By letting its users now contribute and create content on their own, it has an opportunity to actually realize this dream.

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