LG India taps call centre route to push microwave sales

LG India taps call centre route to push microwave sales

Author | Malini Menon | Monday, Sep 27,2004 8:04 AM

LG India taps call centre route to push microwave sales

Product innovations and promotional offers seem to be the buzzword for marketers these days. As part of its latest marketing initiative, LG India has planned to tap the call centre route for its microwave category. “The LG Cookery book and cookery classes are other facilities we have started for our customers,” says P Saurabh Baisakhia, Product Group Head, LG Microwave.

Dwelling more on the new initiative, Baisakhia adds, “What we are providing is a single all-India number. Anybody from any part of India can call on this number and learn how to buy a microwave oven. What happens is most people don’t know which model would work out the best for them, so to facilitate this we have come up with this number, wherein if you call, you will get all the information. Also, you can register for the post-purchase cookery classes.”

As he informs, the facility would take off this month beginning with top eight major cities in the initial phase, it would gradually spread to other cities as well.

Explaining the background behind such an initiative, Baisakhia says, “Most consumers face a dilemma while choosing microwave ovens - whether to base it on cooking needs or technology. A retailer may not be able to identify the needs. So we are providing solutions to our customers with the help of call centre.”

LG India is also holding ‘Cooking Carnival’ where women can attend microwave cookery classes conducted by LG’s in-house chefs. The LG executives have also come up with a microwave cookery book and CD, which comprises all the Indian and western recipes that can be made on a microwave.

In India, the microwave category sales grew by almost 25 per cent last year, taking sales up to nearly 2,50,000 units. Although this is still insignificant in terms of consumer durables sales, but manufacturers are hoping that coupled with the lowering in import duties and aggressive marketing, sales will grow at a fast clip. LG’s market share as per ORG-MARG for the month of July is 41.2 per cent (in volume), while the nearest competitor Samsung has fared 21.3 per cent (in volume) in the July survey.

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