Lessons BlackBerry can learn from Nokia and Motorola

Lessons BlackBerry can learn from Nokia and Motorola

Author | Saloni Surti | Tuesday, Sep 24,2013 8:09 AM

Lessons BlackBerry can learn from Nokia and Motorola

Collapse of Nokia as an independent manufacturer was a fate similar to that of Motorola Mobility. Both the instances are enough to establish the low resistance of consumers towards less convenient handsets.

Both the mobile giants once ruled the rosters; however, missed the flight due to certain wrong moves that no one suspected could lead to such a public death.

As BlackBerry fights to re-establish itself in the mobile economy, exchange4media takes a look at lessons it can learn from the lost status of Nokia and Motorola Mobility.

Bank on your strength
Nokia somewhere lost its edge when the pocket-friendly proposition vanished. Similarly, BlackBerry lost in the smartphone market when it lost its email edge. To survive in this market, the mobile company needs to leverage its strength.

Consumer is the king
No matter how much the times change, this adage will always hold true. BlackBerry needs to find a way to leverage the current rage – a bus that Nokia and Motorola missed, when it came to Android.

Do not take risks
Gone are the days when innovating with risks was appreciated and accepted. For instance, Nokia’s decision of experimenting with Windows phone turned out to be one of its worst enemies. BlackBerry needs to follow the tried and tested path, at least till it regains its position.

Extensive branding
Creating recall, especially on digital, can help the brand penetrate the core TG. While Nokia resorted to peer review strategy for its Lumia series, one would want to follow the traditional TVC route, followed by recall campaigns on various media.


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