Lawful Internet businesses, consumers stand to gain from US Supreme Court decision

Lawful Internet businesses, consumers stand to gain from US Supreme Court decision

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Jun 29,2005 7:19 AM

Lawful Internet businesses, consumers stand to gain from US Supreme Court decision

The US Supreme Court ruling that file-sharing services, such as Grokster and Morpheus, are infringing copyright is a landmark both in protecting the rights of music artists to be paid for their work, and in protecting online consumers.

Asia Pacific digital music companies, such as Soundbuzz, are anticipating a similar decision in the Australian case of ARIA vs Kazaa to ensure the same protection for artists and consumers in this part of the world.

According to Soundbuzz, the court decision safeguards the future of the legitimate digital music industry and, importantly, protects consumers from privacy infringements and unethical online practices.

Said Sudhanshu Sarronwala, CEO, Soundbuzz, “Trust in the online world is the biggest concern for consumers. We have created a safe, telecommunications-grade online environment, which offers music purchasers ease-of-use, choice, security and 100 per cent transparency, whilst also protecting the rights of artists to make money from their creative efforts and performances.

“As consumers turn increasingly to legitimate online music sites, today’s judgment is an important milestone in the ongoing development of the digital music business, and a reward for industry players that have established ethical business models,” he added.

It seems that the tide is beginning to turn worldwide in favour of legitimate players, with a recent listing of music sites in the US ranking iTunes at number 2 in terms of household downloads, neck-to-neck with big file sharing networks such as WinMX and LimeWire.

According to Sarronwala, the hope for clean up of the online landscape that will follow on from today’s judgement will help diminish the proliferation of invasive software and covert advertising practices employed by some illegal file-sharing sites into homes.

Saying that the ruling will be a boost to the emerging digital music industry in India, Soundbuzz India’s General Manager Mandar Thakur said, “This landmark ruling against Grokster has come at an opportune time and has given a tremendous boost to Soundbuzz and its various online and broadband partners in India, who are readying to launch what will become the first “truly Indian” digital music service. It will offer over a quarter million tracks from the entire music industry in India, plus a variety of International music from most of the major record labels globally.”

The value of digital music industry globally by 2009 is expected to touch USD 9.3bn

Soundbuzz is Asia’s leading digital music company, with its collective stores attracting the majority of legitimate online and wireless purchases. The company operates its own store, Soundbuzz.com and provides content and technology infrastructure to partners such as Telstra BigPond Music, Singtel, M1, Creative Technology, Optus Zoo and Sony BMG.

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