Komli Media, Artivision, Neo@Ogilvy partner for online video content in India

Komli Media, Artivision, Neo@Ogilvy partner for online video content in India

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Saturday, Nov 07,2009 7:52 AM

Komli Media, Artivision, Neo@Ogilvy partner for online video content in India

Indian brands and publishers can now intelligently place ads within online videos to dramatically improve brand awareness, recall and profitability. Digital advertising and technology company Komli Media and Artivision have announced a strategic alliance to introduce revolutionary advertising solutions for online video content publishers in the Indian market.

Neo@Ogilvy and OgilvyOne would set up what is touted as India’s first online video creation facility and work closely with the Komli-Artivision partnership to maximise the potential of online video for its clients. Komli Media is said to exclusively deliver Artivision’s Target-Ad technology in India, allowing intelligent placement of advertisements in all types of online video content.

Artivision’s Target-Ad is a value-added in-video monetisation service, generating smart ad placements that adapt in real time for optimal performance and viewing experience. Target-Ad uses advanced video content analysis to automatically find and map IAB standard ad units within areas that do not interfere with the user’s viewing experience. This allows to effectively scale and monetise according to content, user engagement and consumption. Target-Ad easily integrates with a publisher’s video player and effortlessly adds new ad inventory, while driving high performance and improved click-through rates for advertisers and better monetization opportunities for publishers.

Amir Segev, Senior Vice President, Artivision’s Media Division Manager, said, “The Indian market, like so many markets throughout the world, is looking to enhance online video revenue and engagement. We are pleased to provide publishers and advertisers with additional revenue streams and, more importantly, providing their viewers a more enjoyable experience.”

With video viewership seeing tremendous growth across sites, major media agencies are touting online video advertising as one of the fastest-growing and most promising online advertising formats. Neo@Ogilvy is one such online branding pioneer that believes very strongly in the merits of video advertising. Prasanth Mohanachandran, Executive Director – Digital Services, Neo@Ogilvy & OgilvyOne, said, “Komli, with its acute understanding of the Indian market, and Artivision, with its unrivalled technology, will definitely create a new market for online video. Re-purposing TVCs for the web is archaic and we look at using Artivision’s technology to make digital video more engaging and interactive.”

Prashant Mehta, COO, Komli Media, said, “As the leader in developing and introducing innovative technologies for online advertising in India, we’re excited to partner with Artivision. We’re confident that Target-Ad will evoke significant interest from Indian advertisers while helping publishers uncover additional ad inventory and revenue opportunities.”

Komli is currently in advanced discussions with several leading publishers to adopt the Target-Ad technology.

Artivision’s Media division helps publishers and advertisers drive incremental value from online-video, using scalable automated in-video ad placements that adapt in real-time for optimal performance. Effectively capitalising on actual user engagement and content consumption, Artivision’s video monetisation service, Target-Ad, generates smart ad inventories from existing video assets, maintaining viewing experience while enhancing conversion.

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