Kollywood seeks foreign buyers with Raj Video Vision’s online foray

Kollywood seeks foreign buyers with Raj Video Vision’s online foray

Author | Apeksha Gupta | Wednesday, Jul 20,2005 7:23 AM

Kollywood seeks foreign buyers with Raj Video Vision’s online foray

Raj Video Vision, the number one player in the VCD market in the South, has now gone online. The idea behind initiating a website is to set up a web mall so that people the world over can have access to Tamil film VCDs, DVDs and music with just the click of a mouse.

Raj Video Vision, the movie unit of Raj Television Network Ltd, primarily deals with production of movie VCDs. Raj Video Vision already has a bank of more than 2,000 copyrights to sell films. In order to capitalise on this strength, Raj has decided to sell films online, for which it did a soft launch for its website, www.amazingraaj.com, on July 14, 2005.

The website gives latest updates on the Tamil movie industry, lists VCDs, DVDs and Mp3s that are up for sale and also has ring tones from various movies (including Hindi) that can be downloaded. The site also has links to astrological columns, movie reviews, image galleries, movie trailers and star interviews.

Kalairajan, Head of post-production and R&D, Raj Television Network, said, “The idea is to become a complete online web mall that sells gift items and gives complete information pertaining to movies.” So far, Raj Video faces no competition from any of the channels or other online players.

Raj also has plans to expand the website to include areas like travel and health, as well as providing free email service to surfers. These various links would come under the umbrella brand, ‘AmazingRaaj’.

Raj has been sending out mailers to its members as well as promoting the website on its channel. It will also target various retailers in south India, who would be interested in selling their products overseas through the website. Saris, jewellery and electronics are seen as potential products that people abroad would be interested in buying online.

To facilitate these transactions, Raj has tied up with FedEx to be its courier partner and ICICI as its payment gateway. Customers need not be skeptical about revealing their credit card information on the Net, instead they can transfer the money to an ICICI account to carry out the transaction.

With amazingraaj.com already beginning to receive a positive response, the group is hopeful that it will be able to set up a complete web mall catering to varying audiences with differing needs, all with just a click of the mouse.

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