KamaSutra goes digital; creates the Kamalounge for some adult pleasure

KamaSutra goes digital; creates the Kamalounge for some adult pleasure

Author | Preeti Hoon | Thursday, Apr 29,2010 8:39 AM

KamaSutra goes digital; creates the Kamalounge for some adult pleasure

KamaSutra condom brand has come out with a bold and boisterous website to tap the growing digital market, with youngsters occupying a major chunk of online traffic. Due to the nature of the content, the website boasts of all the ingredients needed to create a strong impact on the users and in return, deriving a default positioning for the brand.

Elaborating on this initiative, Ranju Kumar Mohan, Director-Sales & Marketing, JK Ansell Ltd, which owns the KamaSutra brand, said, “As a brand that believes in being engaged with its target audience, KamaSutra became the pioneer in using the online medium to stay connected to its consumers. One such initiative is the Kamalounge, which was conceptualised as a virtual hangout for people. The site is designed to engage and retain consumers, through specially designed interactions at every level. The layout is exploratory, ensuring a high level of consumer interaction and involvement.”

On concept being bold and especially so for the Indian market, Mohan explained, “For a sensitive category like condoms, we decided to use the digital/ virtual medium for brand engagement with consumers as it allows us to connect with them personally and in private to communicate our brand messages. Also, India being a young country, it is imperative that we reach out to youngsters and promote the concept of condom usage. Since young consumers are very active in this medium, a website like Kamalounge.in will go a long way in engaging them to interact with the category and the brand.”

Kamalounge also offers condoms at discounted rates with a free home delivery option. So, does that mean a business model in the making? “E-commerce is still at a very nascent stage of development. We aim to encourage and promote consumer purchase online from anywhere in the country. E-commerce has shown encouraging trends since the launch and we are positive this will increase in the future,” said Mohan.

There has been a wave of social ads by likes of Aircel and Idea. Could we expect some from KamaSutra too? To this, Mohan replied, “KamaSutra has been associated with social causes like youth AIDS awareness programmes and sex education drives in the past, and will continue to promote social messaging in the future as well.”

Kamalounge.in is all about sex and condoms, by default that is. It has the right approach to hook the young generation and make a powerful brand impression on their minds, thanks to its enticing interactive zones and sections, having simple yet effective connotations. One of the sections – ‘How to do it’ – is unique in its content as it not only elaborates on how to have safe sex, but also on what a condom is about. Some sections are strategically locked and can be accessed only after gaining enough ‘Mojo points’ through indulgence in various stimulating activities. By now, the site, designed and developed by Interface Communications, claims to have had more than 100,000 unique visits in a month, underlining the acceptance of this site among the target groups.

Rahul Nanda, COO, Web Chutney, had positive views about the website and shared his user experience after browsing it. According to him, “The Kamalounge is a nice concept. For a product where advertising becomes uncomfortable after a certain level, it’s been done quite decently. I suspect the use of static images than video-based interactivity does reduce its attractiveness to some extent, but it also eases the navigation speed. The sections are interesting and interactive. The images are of course more than appealing enough for its target audience. Though I couldn’t manage enough points to get to the Kama Upstairs Lounge, I am sure visitors would be curious enough to play around with the site in the hope to get in. If the objective of the site was to educate visitors on condoms, have they done their job, well maybe, but have they managed to titillate the visitor’s palate for more, Yes, I am sure that they have.”

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