TODAY´S NEWS shifts its communication to appeal to the entire family shifts its communication to appeal to the entire family

Author | Tuhina Anand | Monday, Aug 28,2006 8:41 AM

A- shifts its communication to appeal to the entire family

Keeping in mind that Indian marriages are a family affair, matrimonial portal has shifted its communication strategy from that of an individualistic one to now targeting the family.

The first commercial of adopted the communication line where it addressed the fear of people of making a wrong choice regarding their life partner and thus getting caught in a bad marriage. The commercial showed a man being treated by his wife like a dog. The commercial ends with the tagline ‘Don’t marry the worst mistake of your life’, with the super saying ‘Meet your woman’.

Hitesh Oberoi, COO and Director,, said, “After the first commercial, we found that the female traffic to the site was one-fourth of the males. We are looking at increasing the women profile on the site. To appeal to women, we needed to have a communication that would appeal to the family as in India they play a crucial role in deciding whom their children should marry. Hence, we decided to explore the father-daughter relationship.”

The TVC shows a father with a ‘sehra’ in his hand who slyly tries it on many prospective grooms hoping to get the approval of his daughter. The daughter expresses exasperation and the voiceover says, “He won't stop till he finds you the best. We match better.” The TVC ends with the father-daughter sitting in front of the computer checking profiles of various eligible bachelors. It seems they have finally reached a happy conclusion.

Sanjay Sharma, Creative Director, FCB-Ulka, said, “We were looking for an insight that would connect with people as finding the right match is a difficult chore for the family. Yet, we wanted to have a lighthearted approach to this, which explains why we took the humorous route.”

Sharma explained that he used the ‘sehra’ as it was iconic of Indian marriages. The TVC has been made by filmmaker Sabal Singh Shekhawat. currently gets 70,000 registrations in a month and hopes to cross 100,000 registrations a month following the success of the commercial.

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