iZone International: Motorola Xoom dated, priced

iZone International: Motorola Xoom dated, priced

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Feb 08,2011 7:39 AM

iZone International: Motorola Xoom dated, priced

According to a flyer from Best Buy, posted online by technology website Engadget, the Xoom tablet by Motorola will be launched on February 24, 2011 and will be priced at $799. This makes it even more expensive than the devices that are already in the market, but it also might be the first device to actually offer significant challenge to the Apple iPad.

In terms of timing and price, the device does well to come in before the iPad 2’s release, and has on offer specs which many would agree are fairly unmatched at this point – the tablet will be the first to officially run the Android 3.0 Honeycomb update, which is designed for the large screens of tablets, as against the smaller phone screens that the earlier Android versions were designed for. The tablet will also have a 1GHz Nvidia Tegra processor, which can handle full HD video. Two cameras – 5MP back and 2MP front allow for HD photography and video conferencing – also feature, which the iPad does not have, and in all their marketing so far, Motorola has been clear in calling out Apple – going so far as to reference Apple’s famous ‘1984’ ad, with a new Super Bowl ad of their own.

Whether the device will make it to India anytime soon, or at what price, is not clear right now. While the iPad sold 15 million copies in less than a year of being launched, the Galaxy Tab has only recently crossed the 2-million milestone, and no other tablets have seen widespread adoption.

Interest in the device category is obvious though, and in 2011, various manufacturers are releasing almost 1,000 different tablets of varying quality. India itself has seen various devices like the iSlate and OlivePad, and also the Notion Ink Adam, which should be reaching customers soon, but it remains to be seen if high-end tablets will catch on here.

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