iZone International: Amazon sells eight million Kindles

iZone International: Amazon sells eight million Kindles

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Dec 23,2010 7:47 AM

iZone International: Amazon sells eight million Kindles

Amid all the hype surrounding tablet devices (complete with the new Nook e-reader essentially being an extremely affordable Android tablet) and how the iPad is going to kill the Kindle, Amazon has reportedly sold 8 million Kindle e-readers in 2010, says Bloomberg Businessweek.

This is a massive increase from the 2.3 million sold in 2009, and while the iPad has also seen tremendous sales in 2010, selling around 4.2 million iPads of various models, the launch of the new Kindle 3 this year, which is smaller, faster, and far cheaper than its predecessors, clearly helped sales as well.

While Amazon did not release figures, they were willing to disclose that the Kindle 3 was the fastest selling Kindle yet, and as a number of high quality Android devices of varying form factors prepare to enter the market – not to mention the Playbook, PalmPad, Streak and of course, the iPad 2 – one can safely expect the sales in the device space to heat up, particularly as the Nook has demonstrated that the difference between a tablet and an e-reader is very limited indeed.

Of course, for Amazon, this is a big win either way, since their core business still remains the selling of books, and there are Kindle apps on all of these competing devices (including the once single purpose Nook, thanks to the addition of the Android market from next month), so the next 12 months will probably help decide the future of the e-book marketplace.


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