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ISPs may agree on sharing revenue from Net telephony

ISPs may agree on sharing revenue from Net telephony

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, May 25,2002 7:44 AM

ISPs may agree on sharing revenue from Net telephony

Internet service providers (ISPs) in the country may agree to share revenues from Internet telephony amongst themselves and international termination service providers, which could put an end to some instances of bickering between the ISPs.

The ISP Association of India (ISPAI) has initiated the process of working out a revenue-sharing pattern between the three types of players that are offering Internet telephony - ISPs with own network infrastructure, those who offer cash cards and international termination service providers such as DialPad and Net2Phone. ISPAI has set up a task force to formulate the revenue-sharing agreement.

Since Internet telephony was legally permitted from April 1, a good number of ISPs have started offering the services. However, some large ISPs have allegedly blocked services offered by smaller players who do not have their own networks and issue only net telephony cash cards.

The association has also suggested that no ISP should block the service of another as this could be detrimental to the nascent Internet telephony market.

Source: Business Line
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