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IOA releases report on Internet users' proclivity for entertainment industry

IOA releases report on Internet users' proclivity for entertainment industry

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, May 06,2005 7:29 AM

IOA releases report on Internet users' proclivity for entertainment industry

Check out these highlights:

· 94 per cent of the audience lies within the 18-45 age group. A generation accustomed near to instantaneous keeping in touch i.e. via e-mail, sms and instant messaging. A prime demographic of moviegoers.

· 55 per cent of an online audience watches one+ movie per month in the theatre

· Numbers indicate that Internet is a permanent part of media consumption habits along with TV and print. (30 per cent are online for more than 20 hours a week, 34 per cent spend 5-10 hours a week watching television, 32 per cent reading newspapers for 3-5 hours a week)

These are some of the revelations that were made by Internet and Online Association, a not-for-profit industry trade organisation, on its latest research on Internet user's proclivity for the entertainment industry.

This research was conducted in collaboration with Cross-Tab Marketing Services, company leading in online research in India. IOAI has chosen Cross-Tab as a partner for the online study as they have comprehensive expertise on online research owing to 300 studies they have done across various sectors (FMCG, Financial Services, Retail, Technology, Online Services, Media, Hospitality, Consumer Durables etc) for Indian as well as International clients.

The research report is a first as part of a series of research assignments addressing various industries to be duly published. The research was undertaken to understand the media habits of 25 million strong (Source IOAI) internet users and 37 million mobile users (Source COAI). It will be a resource for marketers for film channels and production houses to get more 'butts on seats' and 'eyeballs watching their movie channels' and a realisation to integrate e & m marketing models in their traditional media mix.

Whilst many a traditional marketer has endeavored to cater to the influence of this growing demographic it was pertinent to show case the importance of integrating the Internet and mobile as a vital medium in the traditional media mix to highlight new age patterns that influence the decision making process.

President, Internet and Online Association, Preeti Desai, said, "The Indian entertainment industry stands at over Rs 20,000 crore and is expected to reach Rs 45,000 crore by 2009. Film marketers already have a substantial presence online but do not promote their films online with almost negligible focus on advertising related film related e-commerce (online ticketing, film merchandise inclusive of audio and video VCD's and DVD's, posters and star clothes)." The research was undertaken with a view to empower this sector with actual statistics and to create a realisation among movie house and film channels that their prime demographic is online and thus "e" and "m" marketing models should be an integral part of their media mix.

She added "The report in itself is a research one but should act as a bible for marketers who on reading this will realise the potential and know how of being online. IOAI estimates that there will be 165 million interactive users in the 20-40 years age group by 2007, an affluent demographic who cannot be ignored anymore."

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